Traditional And Modern Anniversary Gifts

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Traditional And Modern Anniversary Gifts

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Most people know that the 50th wedding anniversary is the “golden” anniversary, and that the 25th is silver. But beyond that? Here are some traditional and modern conventions to follow when selecting anniversary gifts:

Year: 1st
Traditional Gift(s): Paper
Modern Gift(s): Clocks

Year: 2nd
Traditional Gift(s): Cotton
Modern Gift(s): China

Year: 3rd
Traditional Gift(s): Leather
Modern Gift(s): Crystal, Glass

Year: 4th
Traditional Gift(s): Fruit, Flowers
Modern Gift(s): Appliances

Year: 5th
Traditional Gift(s): Wood
Modern Gift(s): Silverware

Year: 6th
Traditional Gift(s): Candy, Iron
Modern Gift(s): Candy, Iron

Year: 7th
Traditional Gift(s): Wool, Copper
Modern Gift(s): Desk Sets

Year: 8th
Traditional Gift(s): Bronze, Pottery
Modern Gift(s): Bronze, Pottery

Year: 9th
Traditional Gift(s): Pottery, Willow
Modern Gift(s): Linen, Lace

Year: 10th
Traditional Gift(s): Tin, Aluminum
Modern Gift(s): Leather

Year: 11th
Traditional Gift(s): Steel
Modern Gift(s): Jewelry

Year: 12th
Traditional Gift(s): Silk, Linen
Modern Gift(s): Pearls

Year: 13th
Traditional Gift(s): Lace
Modern Gift(s): Textiles, Furs

Year: 14th
Traditional Gift(s): Ivory
Modern Gift(s): Gold Jewelry

Year: 15th
Traditional Gift(s): Crystal
Modern Gift(s): Watches

Year: 20th
Traditional Gift(s): China
Modern Gift(s): Platinum

Year: 25th
Traditional Gift(s): Silver
Modern Gift(s): Silver

Year: 30th
Traditional Gift(s): Pearl
Modern Gift(s): Diamond

Year: 35th
Traditional Gift(s): Coral
Modern Gift(s): Jade

Year: 40th
Traditional Gift(s): Ruby
Modern Gift(s): Ruby

Year: 45th
Traditional Gift(s): Sapphire
Modern Gift(s): Sapphire

Year: 50th
Traditional Gift(s): Gold
Modern Gift(s): Gold

Year: 55th
Traditional Gift(s): Emerald
Modern Gift(s): Emerald

Year: 60th
Traditional Gift(s): Diamond
Modern Gift(s): Diamond

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