Birthday Gifts

In my opinion, birthday gifts fall into many different categories. You get gifts that are cheap, you get gifts that are expensive, you get gifts that are second-hand , you get gifts that are thoughtful and gifts that are completely impersonal, you get gifts that are appropriate for the occasion and gifts that are just plain random.

In an attempt to find some random birthday gifts, I came across these ideas – astronaut ice cream, a knork set (part knife, part fork), Snoopy snow cone machine, a set of 18 fun, cool and unique pillow cases, 5 giant beer glasses, tea actually picked by monkeys and a Port-O-Pong. I am guessing that most of us have friends that might actually appreciate these gifts but I am also pretty sure that there are some people who just wouldn’t get the awesomeness of tea picked by monkeys.

Birthday gifts are what you give to someone to say “Happy Birthday!” and “Yay for you, you made it another year”. You really have to take into consideration who you are giving the gift to. Even if you don’t know the person well you can still play it safe with flowers or chocolates but probably best not to opt for the knork set. From this list of random gifts, I think I would actually love to get 18 fun, cool and unique pillow cases – just so you know.

A great place to find gifts for just about any kind of person is Celestial Gift Experiences. If you have a quiet, well mannered, princess-like friend, then you can get her a spa experience. If your friend is the kind that squashes beer cans on his forehead, then you could get him (or her) a rally self drive experience and  if you have a friend that has been talking about breaking out of her shell, then maybe a tandem skydive is the way to go. From wine tasting to chocolates and horse riding to F1 driving experiences, this site has it all.

I really enjoy buying birthday gifts but as I get older (and my friends get older) I am steadily running out of ideas. The internet is a really wonderful way to get inspired – there are so many gifts out there that you will never run out of a birthday present idea again. Google has made any kind of gift issue a thing of the past and as a matter of fact you could get ideas on solving pretty much any problem on Google.

Besides buying birthday gifts, I really enjoy wrapping them. I find it incredibly satisfying cutting the sticky tape just right, folding the wrapping paper neatly, taping it down, turning my master-piece of a present over to reveal the smooth under side…I enjoy every aspect of gift giving and strongly believe that buying and giving presents must be a pleasant experience for both you and the birthday boy/girl – regardless of how well you know them – it is, after all, a HAPPY birthday.

Prepared for by Klara Loots