Chocolate & Champagne Tasting at Casalinga

I recently had the wonderful experience of meeting a very special and master chocolate tier who has also become a dear friend.  She invited me to enjoy her awesome chocolate tasting experience but to include champagne tasting (yes, real champagne) as well, followed by a leisurely lunch.  WOW, who could turn down an offer like this?! 

The chocolate tasting includes an informal chat about the origins and make up of this commodity.  Here clients learn how to taste chocolate as well as the chance to experience chocolate from Africa, Europe and Asia. 

Just when I thought it couldn’t get more decadent, it really did.  The experience was combined with a sparkling sensation of French Champagne along with the sweet temptation of hand crafted chocolate truffles.  We all got to experience the different tastes and learn interesting facts about these sublime luxuries.  A selection of three French Champagnes was used to taste, to include Pierrel Brut, Gonet Brut and Tribaut Rose. 

After the chocolate tasting with Champagne tasting, each client is allowed to select a box of chocolate truffles to take home and enjoy. 

For me the chocolate tasting experience was extra special and there’s only one reason why.  The chief chocolate tier is clearly passionate about chocolate and all that it offers in the way of pleasure for so many.  There’s something so special about a large group of people all unknown to each other, sitting down and bonding immediately through the simple pleasures of chocolate paired with champagne.  Within seconds of arrival everyone’s troubles fade away as minds and senses drift into a place of chocolate and champers sensory overload! 

Part of the chocolate tasting with lunch experience includes a plated meal at Casalinga Restaurant of assorted homemade Pastas, garden fresh salads and home baked breads.  I, however, was treated to something far more decadent and I can still taste the sublime treats on my palate just thinking about the divine Italian delicacies available to choose from. 

The chocolate tasting experience is hosted at the Casalinga Restaurant in Muldersdrift.  The venue is perfect for group events and has a wonderful warm ambience throughout.  When you enter the premises you really get the feeling that you could spend the whole afternoon and into the evening relaxing, eating and relishing in exceptional company. 

Chocolate tasting experiences are versatile and can include champagne tasting, cognac tasting and also coffee tasting as an ideal combination.  Chocolate tasting is also a great experience suitable for up market bachelorette parties, stork parties, corporate and social events.

If there is one thing I have on my ultimate girly bucket-list it would be the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a deep bath of chocolate….  I continue to send strong hints to Kate of the Chocolate Tier that this is my ultimate wish list and hopefully if I’m good this year, perhaps Santa will make this dream come true. 

Extreme experiential thanks to Kate from The Chocolate Tier for making my afternoon so extremely decadent in every way.  I will never forget our relaxing afternoon together.  Since the moment we connected, it has felt as though we’ve known each other all our lives and well into past lives as well.  

Here’s to chocolate and all the friendships it makes and pleasure it provides to our taste buds…. Let’s forget about the size of our hips shall we? 

Written and experienced in person by Odette Butcher, Chief Experience Officer,  Celestial Gift Experiences.

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