My Personal Bucket-List

Chief Experience Officer

I recently had the privilege of meeting with a freelance journalist to discuss amongst other topics, the importance and varied methods of making excellent use of social media platforms as successful business tools especially within the ecommerce environment.

He mentioned the possibility of some journalists who agree to write about various topics, businesses and people to benefit their own exposure, free of charge, however, the interest would not necessarily be the business itself but rather the story of how the business came to operate, why and most importantly who are/is the face(s) behind the business?

I left the meeting deep in thought.  As I drove back to the office I spent much time pondering about our discussion.  He really made me think about my own business, why did I start it, how did it birth and evolve, where is it now and where do I want it to be?  Do my clients know enough about the face behind the store?  So often I am asked whether I actually do any of the experiences and the answer is YES.  I have done many of the experiences as well as many others that I have not listed.  I have tons of photos most before digital cameras were available (that statement makes me feel 100) and others are packed away in storage.  I have now found a purpose to dig them out of old boxes and document them in some way.

I realize that there is so much correlation between one of my fundamental life beliefs and my business.  This belief is that we all need interesting activities to look forward too because it gives purpose.  I am incentive driven and feel motivated to work harder if there is something in the pipeline to look forward too.  It keeps me going.  A little challenge to crack, a fear to overcome, an experience to cherish and memories to document our years as they follow quickly from one into the next.  What motivates you to keep going?  Do you plan activities and events to look forward to?

In essence the development and launch of Celestial Gift Experiences is a supermarket environment where you can order and/or book online interesting activities that may or may not form part of your bucket list or someone else’s.

A ‘bucket list’ or ‘wish list’ is a list of activities we wish to enjoy, accomplish and try before we pass over (or perish).  I view a ‘bucket list’ as not only a list of activities but also roles we wish to experience i.e. athlete, bride, mother, entrepreneur etc.  Most items on my list are easy enough to achieve but there is one really big ‘bucket list’ item that seems slightly out of reach.  Every year I would like to attend a different festival in a different country.  I have been to the Nottinghill Carnival in London, I could think of more I’m sure but there are tons like the Running of the Bulls in Spain or the October Beer Festival in Germany.  This would be something really festive to look forward to each year.

It fills me with pride to assist clients who call me around their birthday or their loved one’s birthday of each year to select and book another experience they wish to enjoy as part of their personal bucket list(s).  What concerns me most are all the hot shots in Johannesburg who have done every activity under the sun and who pester me for new experiences that I know aren’t available here in South Africa.  I fear of losing these clients because I cannot satisfy their hunger to take their bucket list desires to the next level.  Heli-Skiing and Ice-Climbing are quite simply out of my realm! Needless to say, those telephone conversations are always pleasurable to the extent that I feel ‘amped’ to continue making a dent against my own list of activities that I wish to accomplish.

This journalist also made it clear that the intention of a blog, twitter and facebook is not to populate it with spam but rather gain followers through postings of authenticity.  WOW, I thought how does one juggle all of this to keep it real but actually its simple – everyone has a story so just be honest.  We all have a bucket list already in place, we live it each day, only we can make it interesting and exciting.  I spent considerable time thinking of all the interesting things I have done and it took a while but after some time I came up with heaps of activities that I’ve had the privilege to try.  Most importantly we must remember that not every activity is enjoyable some bring pleasure, others turn out disastrous (a bit like my attempt at surfing during spring tide!) the intention remains consistent across the board and this is to try and have the desire and courage to experiment and tackle new things regardless of fear.

What I intend to do (between midnight and 06h00!) is blog about a collection of excerpts from my personal bucket list to include activities that I’ve successfully enjoyed and the many that have proved disastrous.

I hope you enjoy them and find the time to ponder about your own personal bucket list whether it be an activity or role you next want to experience.

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Written by Odette Butcher, Chief Experience Officer, Celestial Gift Experiences