Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are not something I am familiar with simply because I do not work in a corporate environment and I do not do work for corporate companies. After finding out about this whole corporate gift giving thing I am beginning to rethink my career path.

I am assuming that corporate gifts are given amongst corporate companies in order to stay in each others good books. I guess they are used as thank you gifts and incentives to work for the company as well as an incentive to continue working for a certain company. Taking into consideration that large companies are financially stable (well at least they should be) cost is generally not an issue when it comes to gifts.

When giving corporate gifts there are many options to choose from – you could give gift vouchers for various experiences and shops, you could give wine hampers, company hampers, branded merchandise, company cars, company time share at holiday resorts, the list goes on and on. When money isn’t an issue, the world really is your oyster and there is no limit on what you can give. I am sure that depending on the company and depending on their client, that the gifts would differ in size and price but overall, I am pretty sure that companies are out to impress.

No matter what kind of client or employee you are trying to woo, you will find a gift for them at Celestial Gift Experiences. They offer corporate gifts such as a Johannesburg sunset fight for two, a 5 star romantic picnic for two, a Vaal River buffet cruise for two, elephant encounters, hot stone massages as well as Drachma Cheques (worth a certain amount to use for which ever experience you want) and specialised gift experience vouchers.

I am sure that any of the above mentioned gifts would be well received by anyone in the corporate world and any company giving out these gifts will be fondly remembered in business circles. I think that it is also so important for any company, big or small, to show it’s appreciation for its staff members. Corporate gifts given within a company in order to keep staff moral high is a great idea.

With conversations I have had with friends I have realised that most people who complain about their jobs usually complain about money or the lack of recognition they get. If more businesses looked after their staff with regards to better salaries and/or incentives/gifts then there would be many more happy employees in the world.

Whether you are a waitress in a restaurant, a driver of a Golden Arrow bus, a teller at Woolworths, a teacher at a high school, a manager of a clothing store or a partner in a law firm, you should be acknowledged for the work you do. The giving of a gift almost always symbolises the appreciation one person has for another and there are very few things that are as important as being appreciated for the work you do.

Prepared for by Klara Loots