Drive a Ferrari

Xtreme Ferarri Hot Lap

Give the gift of adrenaline, masculinity, and power!  A chance of a lifetime…  The opportunity to drive a Ferrari Challenge Ferrari F360 Race Car around the Zwartkops raceway!  This is the ultimate experience for any guy who has dreamed of what it would be like to drive a Ferrari on a professional racing track!  Or you may prefer a High Speed Ferrari Passenger Experience instead?  Your gift will be such a thrilling experience; the receiver will be thanking you forever!  It will be one of those memories that never fade. He’ll be able to brag about it to his friends for the rest of his life. The difference here is that his friends will actually WANT to hear this story and hear about it again and again.  In fact, this is such an amazing opportunity; you may want to buy yourself a voucher for a High Speed Ferrari Passenger Experience!

The Ferrari Driving Experience Program 

  • Before they strap you into a five point harness and send you screaming around the track, you’ll get a full briefing from a veteran racing expert.
  • You’ll learn how to get the right throttle and braking inputs.
  • You’ll also learn how to navigate the track like a pro.

How does it work?

  • To purchase a voucher, add to cart and proceed to check out here >>>
  • Pay by EFT or credit card.
  • Vouchers are processed and issued within 12 hours on receipt of payment.
  • Book to Drive a Ferrari at time of purchase or within 6 months from date of issue.

Racing Ferraris in South Africa rates right up there with flying to the moon and parachuting over the Kalahari Desert.  It’s testosterone driven all the way!  High Speed Ferrari Hot Lap Experiences are also available for those who prefer to be a passenger.  Don’t miss out! All you have to do to send this once in a lifetime opportunity is click here and order the voucher. It’s the most amazing gift ever!  Get a voucher for yourself too!  Don’t delay… there are only a limited number of these Ferrari race car packages given out!!! If you wait, you may not have another opportunity! 

Click here to book a High Speed Ferrari Hot Lap Experience >>>

Customer Reviews –

  • This was the best experience of my life.
  • I can still feel the adrenaline surging through me.
  • I will never forget this experience.
  • The quality of this experience and all the specialists involved is outstanding!

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