Drive a SuperCar with a SuperCar Self-Drive

If you have ever dreamt of a supercar self drive then you need to have look at Celestial Gift Experiences. A self drive supercar experience, supercar rentals and supercar hire are just some of the amazing supercar experiences available at

Supercar self drive experiences include a Ferrari F360 Modena self drive valued at R4480.00, which “begins with a brief vehicle orientation, after which you move into the driver’s seat. [The] instructor will guide you through the entire process as well as ensure that all the driving remains as safe as possible.” The Backdraft Cobra self drive is another great self drive supercar experience where you get to drive a supercar of your dreams.

The Lotus Exige self drive is another one of the thrilling self drive supercar experiences available as well as the Aston Martin self drive. With all of these supercar self drive experiences available you are bound to find just the right “drive a supercar” experience for you or a friend. What a great gift these experiences would make – they are perfect for birthday gifts, corporate gifts and incentives and it even makes an awesome anniversary gift for your husband who desperately wants to drive a supercar. Supercar rentals or a supercar hire is bound to put a smile on any man (or woman’s) face.

Other supercar self drive experiences available at Celestial Gift Experiences come in the form of driving dashes. The Backdraft Cobra driving dash valued at R759.00 is a self drive supercar experience not to be missed. This supercar self drive “is not a racetrack experience and you will experience the vehicles in real-world everyday situations ranging from traffic to the open road. In other words you will experience what it is like to live the supercar lifestyle! 

If you want to drive a supercar or you know someone else who can’t wait to drive a supercar, then your only option is to take a look at and see what other self drive supercar experiences and supercar rentals they have on offer. Also available is a Lotus Exige driving dash, an Aston Martin driving dash as well as a Ferrari F360 Modena driving dash (all under R1525.00) – what an amazing selection for anyone whose only dream it is to drive a supercar.

There are many places who claim to offer amazing supercar rentals and supercar hire experiences, but if you want a wide range of supercar driving experiences you need to look no further than Celestial Gift Experiences. Supercar rentals and supercar hire? has all the supercar experiences you will ever need and you are guaranteed to experience a speed thrill of a life time.

Written and prepared by Klara Loots

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  1. faye dawood

    its my husband birthday on the 02:04:13 & i would like to give him a gift the opputunity to drive the ferrari F360 or the lotus exige. please could someone mail me with what the steps are to purchase any of the gift vouchers. i could also be contacted on my mobile 076 982 5027. please bear in mind that we reside in cape town.

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