Durban’s Top 5 Bucket-List

Living in one city for a long time can result in you forgetting what it has to offer – you forget all the amazing experiences that are right on your doorstep. Here is list of 5 unforgettable bucket-list experiences found in Durban. From adventure and romance to indulgence and fun, Durban has it all!

  1. Does driving 60km/h to and from work every day just not satisfy your love for driving? Then go to and book an Audi High Performance Driving experience today. Learn how to drive like a pro and satisfy your need for speed on the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. Enjoy a full day of no speed limits, just pure exhilarating driving pleasure.
  2. If your need isn’t for speed but rather for flight then the light aircraft self-fly from Virginia Airport is the experience for you. Turn your bird envy into action and take flight over the magnificent Durban coastline – this is sure to be an experience that you will remember forever – according to Celestial Gift Experiences “you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the powerful energies from blue skies!”
  3. If the feeling of flying without an aircraft is what you are after, then static-line skydiving is just for you. This differs from a normal skydive because your parachute is attached to a 7-10ft line, which is connected to the plane and the parachute automatically opens; leaving you to slowly float yourself back to safe ground. If you want a mind-blowing adrenalin rush and a great sense of achievement then this is the ideal experience.
  4. If you are more at home in a pampering, relaxed environment and need a little down time then a Night Spa treatment and dinner may be just what you need. Refreshments and snacks are available on arrival at 18:30, which will be followed by a full body traditional massage with Hot Stone Therapy. Enjoy a complimentary bar service before dinner and when your hunger has been satisfied you will be treated to a Foot SPA (from toes to knees). You will end your night of pampering at 21:30 with a lovely tot of Amarula & Imported Chocolate and make your way home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  5. Do you put off taking care of yourself before taking care of everyone else? Maybe now is the time to put yourself first. Book a Gold Mini Makeover session and change the way you feel about yourself. Change is as good as a holiday and a new hair cut or some new make-up may be just what you need to get that spring back in your step. Get tips on body analysis, illusion dressing and wardrobe restyling and make the changes you need to get back on track with who you really are.

There you have it – 5 amazing experiences all offered by Celestial Gift Experiences and all taking place in Durban. Get booking and tick off that bucket-list!

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