What is More Confusing? Gift Ideas For Men or Gift Ideas For Women

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What is More Confusing? Gift Ideas For Men or Gift Ideas For Women

Submitted by: Sofie Akinshina

Gifts bond relations in a better way. It expresses feeling and gives a new and fresh start to existing relations. Online stores gives best brand of Gift ideas for men and women gifts like watches, t-shirts, dresses, jewelry, etc.

While going to a wedding, buying the perfect gift for the couple is as confusing as choosing what to wear in a party. Internet has made our work easy as it gives you so many options rather than searching for one in market, so why not put technology in to use and save your shopping time. Although many people prefer giving cash envelope to the couple, still it’s believed that a gift can make a person happier as compared to cash. So that becomes more difficult for the person choosing the gift because the gift should be targeted towards both the bride and the groom.

Men v/s Women

For women it’s comparatively easier, but getting gift ideas for men is even complicated since men don’t wear jewelry, they don’t wear accessories, don’t wear different types of dresses, etc. So, over the internet you would find out that men prefer tools/car accessories over apparels as wedding gifts. Men are generally more rational and women are emotional so women connect to their gifts emotionally and men connect to their gifts rationally. It’s very rare to find a gift that makes both men and women happy for example an international holiday package or a candlelight dinner invitation could be some examples, but generally people try to give appliances to be used at home.

What women prefer?

As wedding gifts women prefer getting some jewelry, dresses (types of dresses varies from country to country, city to city, religion to religion, and mostly person to person). So only if you know the bride properly, only then you should go for this step else without knowing what would she likes don’t just buy a dress. Makeup kits, neck-pieces, earrings are some common gift articles. Well to avoid such circumstances where your gift wouldn’t be appreciated by the women, many people choose the easy way out of giving cash envelopes or gift vouchers of a specific retail outlet with descent validity date so that the bride can buy what she likes, also it gives women another chance to shop and hence seems even more lucrative.

What Men Prefer?

Now it’s indeed very complicated if you have to find wedding gifts for the groom. Men prefer watches, wallets, gadgets, traveling kits, trekking kits (if he does trekking), car accessories, etc. Very often (although not always) men don’t connect with their gifts. So things which a man can use in his day to day life are more preferred. Gift ideas for men could be online vouchers wherein the working men would save their time as well as buy their gift by themselves and such gifts would be more appreciated by men in the near future.

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