Find Great Deals on Diamond Engagement Rings

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When buying diamond engagement rings, there are several things which are incredibly important that are detailed below.

Diamond Shape

The shape of the stone is important when purchasing a diamond. The most common shapes are round, princess, oval and pear. Whatever shape you choose, make sure that your partner likes the type of diamond shape that you have picked out. You may have to be somewhat sneaky to find out this information, but if you ask friends or family of your partner you can likely figure out what type of shape your partner would prefer for an engagement ring.

Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond is essentially how clean of a break was made when the diamond was originally cut. The cut of a diamond has the largest effect on the brilliance of the diamond which is what makes it stand out in bright light. Essentially the cut of the diamond is what makes all of your friends look at your partner’s diamond. The most brilliant cuts are classified as Ideal, Very Good, Good and Fair. Do not purchase anything less than a fair cut as you will likely be disappointed.

Diamond Color

In diamonds, the less color that a diamond possesses the better off you will be. Look for colorless or close to colorless diamonds to really wow your partner.

Diamond Clarity

The more valuable the diamond, the clearer that the diamond is when looked at with the naked eye. Diamonds that show no blemishes when looked at by the naked eye can be quite expensive, but also quite valuable. Do your homework when determining the proper clarity of the diamond that you may choose to purchase.

Caret Weight

We all may like to think that the size of the diamond does not matter, but that is often not the case. Women love big diamonds! The larger the diamond, the more rare it is which means the more valuable it would be as an engagement ring. Do not skimp on the size of the diamond if at all possible.

While shopping for diamond engagement rings can be quite frustrating, it can also be a stress free experience if you know what you are looking for before you start going to the various jewelry stores in your area. There are also a large number of reputable online retailers in Australia which offer great deals on diamonds without ever having to leave your home!

Diamond Boulevard

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