Incentive gifts that keep your staff motivated (and happy)

Do you want to create some staff incentives in your business? Are the traditional incentives such as leaving early on a Friday or a bottle of good wine just not doing the trick anymore? Here are 5 incredible incentive gift experiences that will get your staff working harder than ever.

Companies, such as Google, show the world that work with a little play can do a lot for staff moral and productivity. If you want to add a little fun competition into your business, then these gifts experiences could be the way to go.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a great incentive gift because it is not a traditional massage, which many may have experienced before. The trick with pampering incentives is to offer something that is unique as well as relaxing.

Calming Ceremony

The calming ceremony, which includes flotation therapy as well as a back, neck and shoulder massage, is an experience that will rejuvenate any employee and will leave them feeling fresh when returning to work.

Elephant Encounter and Dinner for Two

If you want to steer clear of health and beauty gift experiences then why not offer this exciting incentive? This experience offers a special encounter with one of the most graceful animals on earth followed by a delicious sunset dinner.

Canopy Tour

Your employees are sure to fight over this one. A canopy tour allows people an opportunity to see nature from a whole new perspective – 30 meters above the forest floor! You might want to throw in a disposal camera with this incentive gift.

Ferrari Hot Lap Experience

You will be bringing out the big guns with this incentive – office productivity will rise to all time high. The Ferrari hot lap experience gives people the opportunity to feel the speed of a Ferrari race car, driven by a professional – it includes 4 laps of adrenalin inducing fun.

Incentive gifts can be given for various reasons – maybe you will give a gift to the employee who finishes a project first or to the employee who lands a new client. Whatever your motives are, incentives are an effective way to not only increase productivity, but to add some fun competitiveness into your office environment.

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