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Supersonic flights are now offered in South Africa.  The Supersonic Club promotes affordable supersonic flights in supersonic military fighter jets that can travel at twice the speed of sound.  Jet flights in South Africa are cheaper than anywhere else in the world.  A jet flight is a perfect 40th birthday gift for him.  If the supersonic jet flight is too much for the heart to handle then opt for an aerobatic flight or high performance flight instead.  Jet flights are a once in a lifetime experience.  There is no other way to unleash the adrenaline than when you are hanging upside down and smashing through the sound barrier.  Jet flights are not for the faint hearted and earn the passenger brag rights for 30 years as least.  Buy a Jet Flight now >>>>

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  • To purchase a voucher, add to cart and proceed to check out
  • Pay by EFT or credit card
  • Vouchers are processed and issued within 12 hours on receipt of payment.
  • Book at time of purchase or within 6 months from date of issue.

Customer Reviews –

  • I have never experienced g-force like this in my life.
  • My adrenaline was pumping from beginning to end.
  • This has been by far one of my greatest once in a lifetime experiences.
  • Just when I thought my nerves could not take any more the intensity of the flight increased beyond my imagination.

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