Presents for Guys South Africa

What are good presents for guys? Well, many people go for the same old boring gifts over and over. My Father used to have something like twenty cologne and after shave lotion kits on his dresser, most of which had never even been opened. People say it’s the thought that counts but how much thought really went into buying these kits. They are usually prominently displayed on the center isle of every department store around holidays. It’s a grab and go gift that really doesn’t say to a guy that you truly thought about his specific interests. You can escape this common gift giving trend by buying activity gift vouchers, and in doing so, give your guy a present that totally surprises him and he will always remember.

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Activity gift vouchers are certificates for pre-paid activities that are truly exciting. For example, you could buy your guy a certificate to go sky diving or ride in a hot air balloon. Many people who do these types of activities report that nothing has ever made them feel more alive. They also say they get a new perspective on life as they enjoy the aerial view. You can also purchase gift vouchers for activities a bit closer to Earth. Examples would include fly fishing lessons, historical walking tours, golfing lessons, surfing lessons, paddle boarding lessons, dinner cruises for two, and the opportunity to try out a dragster. The possibilities are almost endless with these types of  presents for guys.

Activity gift vouchers give you the opportunity to give unique presents for guys that they will never be able to guess beforehand. You can drop a few hints about what you’re getting them and tease them a bit but they will never in a million years actually guess what you have up your sleeve. You can order these gift vouchers directly online and have them delivered to them online as well.

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