Staff Incentives | Give a Little to get Allot

At some point in our lives we will be employed by somebody – it might be as a waitress or as an executive, either way, you want to feel appreciated and adequately rewarded for the work you do. Creating competitions for your company, serving as staff incentives, is a wonderful way to increase productivity while at the same time showing your staff how much you appreciate them.

We all love to be surprised by our employers and we are all so jealous of our friends who continuously post on Facebook, “I had such a wonderful office massage today” or “loved the champagne breakfast at work today.” As an employer, you can’t go wrong with staff incentives, but you could go wrong with the type of staff incentive that you choose. Don’t be boring and go for the massages and manicures – think outside of the box and think “gift experiences”.

Celestial Gift Experiences offers such a wide range of gifts that you will never run out of ideas. From a Harley Davidson Pillion and a Segway Stadium Tour to a mini makeover and a canopy tour – all of these unique experiences will have your staff burning the midnight oil in no time.

Other amazing experiences on offer at are Ferrari Hot Lap experiences, hot air balloon rides, an African feast with drumming, an elephant encounter and even a sushi-making lesson. The experiences available are divided into 7 categories – motorsports, air, health and beauty, skill, adventure, lifestyle and romance. With so many experiences to choose from, choosing great staff incentives won’t be a problem.

Smaller staff incentives can also be chosen for the smaller company. Experiences such as make-overs, dinners, spa treatments, microlight flights, abseiling and lunch cruises will not break the bank but they will still have the same effect on your staff. Everyone wants to get something for free (no matter what it is). Even on the lower end of the price range, the experiences available are still very special and your staff are sure to be fighting over them.

If you are undecided about which experiences to choose, you could opt to get the Celestial Gift vouchers instead, allowing your staff member to choose their own experience. Celestial Gift Experiences has 3 experience vouchers on offer – Pluto, Saturn and Mars – the size of the planet determines the value of the voucher. Vouchers are a wonderful idea as they allow your employee to get exactly what they want, resulting in a happy and grateful staff member.

The occasional massage and office party are great for staff moral but when it comes to staff incentives, the more original the “prize” the better. Having a gift experience as an incentive at the end of the month for the employee who has done the most work, put in the most hours, landed the big client or sold the most products can increase your business’s productivity greatly.

Written and prepared by Klara Loots