Two Tired Mama’s Enjoy the Mangwanani Night Spa

I received an invitation to be one of the first to enjoy the new Mangwanani African Day Spa based at the Zevenwacht Wine Estate.  Mangwanani – Zevenwacht, recently opened its doors having been completely rebuilt after a fire burnt the previous building to the ground in around 20 minutes.  I remember receiving the devastating news some time ago and have been counting the months ever since for the chance to book clients to enjoy their splendid African Day Spa Packages. 

Helen and I arrived and were heartily greeted by 3 beautiful women who offered us champers to enjoy while we waited for the Mangwanani Bus to arrive.  The brand new bus arrived and we were further greeted by an incredibly cheerful bus driver who had the biggest beaming smile ever, along with the Mangwanani Zevenwacht Spa Manager.  We started our short journey to the Spa and were welcomed again by more staff management who swiftly led us to where we could get undressed and into thick warmed bathrobes with slippers. 

Once we had readied ourselves we made our way to the dining room and had the opportunity to take a sneak peak at the other facilities.  The pool area with deck chairs makes for a central point within the Spa, but nothing compares to the view that surrounds the spa building by what feels like almost 360 degrees.  The lights of the surrounding suburbs and greater city twinkled brightly and created a cozy feeling for an evening of decadence.  Helen and I were seated at the table right next to the fire and immediately pleasured in the feeling of being ‘warmed up’.  The fire was roaring and outstandingly perfect to create the right ambience and temperature in the room.  Our evening started with an array of healthy nibbles and snacks followed by a short introductory speech by the various management team Heads.  I was pleased to hear how all of the employees had been kept employed elsewhere since the fire of 2009 and had now returned to be of service at the new establishment.  A low turnover in staff is a sign of high staff morale and a great company to work for. 

With great precision we were led to the massage rooms where we enjoyed the privacy of an individual cubicle and a one hour full body hot stone massage.  Each cubicle was minimalistic and suitably decorated.  The massage bed looked inviting as the floral and ribbon decorations enticed one to de-robe and feel welcome for the hour ahead.  The massage therapist was amazing, her massage pressure was heavenly and her technique was well skilled and perfect.  The feeling of hot oiled stones sliding up and down your body is celestial, providing for an overall feeling of warmth and comfort to the entire body. 

After our massage we made our way back to the dining room.  I found it hard to pull myself from ‘nodding off dream land’ mode back into reality.  The fire had been stoked and we enjoyed a sumptuous hearty chicken and vegetable stew with rice, followed by decadent cake options to satisfy the sweet tooth.  

After dinner we were entertained by a chorus if what must have been almost 60 singers.  These ladies are the therapists who provide the treatments, sing, welcome and entertain the guests as well.  With only one drum they managed to rock the room with the most incredible tones, tunes and vibes I can remember having ever witnessed.  The female energy was explosive.  I felt privileged to witness a room full of all women across every generation, career and walk of life.  I remember saying to Helen that I envied certain cultures for their tight bonds and supportive sisterly ethos – if we had more of this type of sisterly love in the suburbs, we would all be suffering from less depression without a doubt. 

Once our ‘chorus girls’ left we made our way to a different part of the spa where we enjoyed a Traditional African Royal Foot Massage.  This treatment was equally decadent and provided every imaginable pleasure to my toes, ankles, calf muscles and knees.  The treatment chairs were reclined and padded with comforting towels for support.  Within seconds the room was quiet as everyone left planet earth and the day’s woes for light slumber with the stars.  

Sadly everything wonderful must come to an end.  Our evening closed with scurry of dressing followed by a tot of Amarula and chocolate, a very warm staff farewell and a quiet ride back to the parking area. 

My night spa experience at Mangwanani Zevenwacht was beyond my expectations.  Very rare is it a pleasure to be treated so well and with such genuineness by staff.  The treatments, dinner with dessert, beverages, staff, entertainment, new building, facilities and coordination of the evening were outstanding.  Mangwanani deserves every award that they receive and more.  

For me an extra golden star would have been to flop out of the last treatment chair and straight into bed.  Regrettably I had to drive 90 mins home but luckily had an incredible passenger friend to keep me awake. 

Enormous thanks to Mangwanani for such a splendid gift experience.  

More About Mangwanani – The Business 

Mission Statement 

By unleashing the natural inherent ability of previously disadvantaged women through training and development, we offer a rare experience of true African Indulgence that Blesses the body and soul through Ancestral Therapies. 

Mangwanani is committed to serving a social responsibility, sustained development and empowerment by creating jobs and uplifting the local communities Nationwide through providing a Quality African Product and Service that offers Real Value for Money by Committed, Empowered & Happy People. 

Mangwanani African Spa BRANCH had an average of 80 000 visitors enjoying its facilities in 2009 and currently employs 800 staff, of which 95% are previously disadvantaged individuals.  

Mangwanani Zevenwacht

 With Panoramic views of the Cape Peninsula and Cape Town, Zevenwacht is set in one of the country’s idyllic locations on Zevenwacht Wine Estate, on the Stellenbosch wine route. An environment that encourages relaxation and personal rejuvenation. 

The Hot Summer Night Spa 

While away the stresses of the day with a Magical night out with Mangwanani

Cocktails and snacks on arrival are a fantastic way to start your evening while listening to the Traditional African sound of beating drums and singing. 

This package is Self-drive only and includes a night of entertainment, two decadent treatments, delicious dinner with complimentary bar and an Amarula & Chocolate on departure! 

Your two treatments include:

  •  IZIMANGA – Traditional Full Body Massage with Hot Stones
  • NEO MAOTO – Traditional African Royal Foot Massage (from toes to knees)

Read more about the Mangwanani Spa packages available to book –

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Written and prepared for by Odette Butcher, Chief Experience Officer, Celestial Gift Experiences