High Speed Jet Boat Experience

All of us will remember times when we feel a bit low or withdrawn but unsure of the reason.  Well I have found the perfect therapy for complete eradication and removal of therapists, psychologists, councillors and life coaches.  Simply book a High Speed Jet Boat ride and blow all your troubles or sadness away.  Seriously I have never laughed so much and so hard in all of my life.  The Jet Boat Experience even surpasses laughter yoga and comedy. 

The jet boat looks like a rubber dinghy and has limited seats onboard.  The jet boat experience begins with a safety brief and discusses the route and program.  We then set off for a gentle cruise of the V&A Waterfront as we headed to the open sea.  Thereafter the skipper took us for short bursts of adrenaline pushing the boat to speeds of just over 100 kmph.  I have never experienced anything quite like it.  We all had to stand up and hold on for dear life.  The boat sped along the top of the water and was expertly manoeuvred across swells with professional power boat racing technique.  There were moments where the boat was even airborne, heightening our senses further as we laughed, squealed and screamed in nervous glee. 

The Jet Boat experience is similar to a roller coaster but far longer in duration…. like 60 minutes of roller coaster pleasure.  I really have never experienced fun like this in my life.  The great part about the Jet Boat Experience is that it is also an ECO experience.  The Skipper informed us all about the different sea birds, shared interesting facts about marine life, shipping and fishing information as well as showed us various wrecks and facts about the natural wonders of Table Mountain and surrounds.  I have vowed to myself that a High Speed Jet Boat Experience is just what the doctor ordered and an absolute must to enjoy more regularly rather than once in a lifetime.  Paparazzi and I disembarked and spent the rest of the afternoon smiling and complaining about genuinely sore cheeks from all the laughter and open mouthed squealing whilst enjoying our High Speed Jet Boat Experience.

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Written and prepared by Odette Butcher, Chief Bucket List Genie