Pole Dancing Lessons

Having tried pole dancing roughly 5 years ago, I thought to give this challenge another stab considering how popular the craze is and just how much fun I remember it to be.  Again I roped in my personal Paparazzi to come join me for Pole-Tastic, pole dancing fun and off we went for our first lesson.  Oh my word but I had forgotten just how difficult this dance form really is.  I have enormous respect for the pole dancing queens.

This dance technique is truly pole gymnastics and is pending approval from the Olympic Committee for recognition as an authentic sport technique.  To date we have learnt various spins to include the sun dial, slip and slide, fireman, parallel spin and knee spin.  Each pole dancing spin requires balance, strength and beyond epic levels of coordination… that which I do not have much of.  Other great floor moves would include the erotic thrusts, body waves, hip circles, ‘booty’ bragging and Jane Fonda arm moves.  To be honest the pole dancing move I seem to have most difficulty with is the panther move.  I simply cannot coordinate the body wave affect parallel to the floor.  If I do not graduate from phase one with distinctions, it will be the panther move that will be my downfall.

With only two more pole dancing lessons to go, we have intense upper body muscles to strengthen and so much floor and pole work to perfect before we are ready to present our dance to any willing audience who promises not to laugh out loud!

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Written and prepared by Odette Butcher, Chief Bucket List Genie